Len Baker - Tuition

Terms and Conditions

Rules & Regs:

Current Fees as of January 2019:

30 minute lesson £15.00

1hr lesson £28.00 (This is also the fee charged for 2 from the same family).

Payment of fees:

(All amounts are in advance). 

Weekly £15.00 (1hr/wk £28.00)

4 weekly £56.00 (1hr/wk £108.00)

Missed Lessons/Holidays:

Missed lessons will be charged for except in the case of illness. No one is expected to turn up when ill and an extra lesson will be offered within 2 weeks so that you do not loose out. For extra long holidays taken outside of normal closure, I charge a retainer fee of 50%. The lessons can then be 'caught up' immediately after the holidays by having 2 lessons a week for a cost of the other 50%. This saves the place!  

Termination of Lessons:

If you wish to terminate your lessons then I ask for 1 months notice. This is to allow for time to find out if the decision to terminate can be reversed - often it's easier 'to stop' when all is needed is a time change but embarrassed to ask, or stuck on something and the same reason :)