Len Baker - Piano & Keyboard Tuition*Updated August 2023 *

Len Baker - Piano & Keyboard Tuition*Updated August 2023 *


FAQ - Tuition


Q. Do I need a keyboard/piano when taking Piano lessons?

A. The simple answer is yes, although if you have a keyboard but you’re taking piano lessons then that is fine for a while. But before you buy anything, (keyboard or piano), then make sure you ask my advice first. 

Q. How much practice is needed?

A. Daily is the ideal but I like to ask you to aim for a minimum of 5 days a week. This is so that you progress at a steady rate and you yourself can see improvement. (Adults, with all their associated commitments, can only do what they can do). 

Q. Do I have to take exams?

A. No, but they are offered if you wish. I use the London College of Music as they do both keyboard and piano examinations.

Q. Do I pay for missed lessons?

A. Yes, but providing 24 hrs notice is given and another lesson is arranged then there is no loss. Of course for illness it is not always possible to give notice, which I understand, and in this case we can arrange extra 'catchup lessons' when well again. You do not pay for lessons I cancel. 

Q. What about holidays?

A. I don't close for every school holiday but do take some. If your own holidays fall outside mine then I ask that we try to do 'catchup lessons' just like we do for other 'missed lessons'. Some students take 'extended' holidays (4+ weeks) and in this case I ask for a retainer fee that will be discounted from each 'catchup lesson' - no loss again to all plus your space guaranteed. 

These are just a few of the more common questions asked, If you have more questions then please ask :)