Len Baker - Piano & Keyboard Tuition*Updated April 2024 *

Len Baker - Piano & Keyboard Tuition*Updated April 2024 *


Setting up and using Zoom:

Sound quality work around:

The biggest problem with online music lessons is the quality of the sound! All the apps are designed for talking and not particularly music but this is where ‘Zoom’ becomes the preferred choice:

Zoom now allows you to use what it calls ‘original sound’. This was originally only available when using a laptop/desktop but is now also available for tablet/phone. 

I am using my desktop as it allows me to give the best experience possible. So whatever you are using your end, (tech wise), you will now hear a great sound. Once you are set up, text me and I’ll call and talk you through it!

Setting up Zoom

Download and register the Zoom app on your chosen piece of tech, laptop or tablet, (phone least recommended because of small size but will work), - this process is totally free!

You will then need to add me to contacts in zoom, or I can add you, and when it is time I will invite you to your lesson - easy!